Meet massage therapist,

John Hamm

Like many great massage therapist, I began cultivating my craft at an early age by massaging friends and family members. I found that the sense of giving that comes along with the craft of massage therapy to be something that resonated deeply with me. In 2014, I answered my calling to this profession by attending the Birmingham School of Massage. The feedback I have received from my school and the people on which I’ve worked assure me that I was not mistaken in my career path. At my core, I am a healer. Along with my natural talent and excellent education I have received from my school, I am able to benefit people in ways I previously never thought possible. There is nothing more encouraging to me than to see people relieved of their ailments.




I believe in the restorative power of massage on not only the body, but the mind as well. As such, my personal objective in every massage is to heal the body and to bring about positive mental change that last well after the session is over.

Common Ailments of Which I Have Personal Experience

Fibromyalgia, Nerve Entrapment, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Scar Tissue, Discomfort Sedentary or Repetitive Strain, Myofascial Adhesions, Neck and Low Back Pain.

I also have some experience in alleviating TMJ, Digestive Issues, and Lymphatic Drainage.


My approach to massage is tailored to the individual needs of the client. While my main attribute is my ability to perform a deep, thorough massage, I can also be as gentle as is needed for those guest who might prefer to just relax. In a custom session, I typically incorporate a variety of techniques from general Swedish maneuvers to deep tissue to neuromuscular therapy to stretching techniques. In addition to alleviating muscular tension, I aid in hydrating and rejuvenating the body through enhanced circulation.


(205) 980-7772

153 Narrows Pkwy Suite 201 

Birmingham, Alabama