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Sandra Street


My name is Sandra Street. I became interested in alternative healthcare in 1995, and began searching for self-care methods for myself. There was so much that I did not know and felt that taking a few classes may open the doorway to more information. Over the years I have taken several classes just to name a few, it started with becoming a holistic coach in 1998. While taking the course I found out about Reiki and in 2001 finally found the resources to venture into another certification. Within a year I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in the spring of 2002. In 2003 I enrolled in a 650-hour certification course for Reflexology. Followed by Polarity Therapy first level App certification in December of 2003. I took some time to digest all this new information and in 2009 became a Rossiter Stretching Coach. I have studied Meditation and Law of Attraction and have taught classes in both.

When I moved here from Columbus, Ohio, back in November of 2017 found that in order to practice Reflexology, I had to become licensed in Massage Therapy. After my husband and I settled into our new home in Pelham, Alabama, I looked for a Massage school and embarked in a 6-month course in massage. Graduated in August of 2019 and passed my licensure test October 10th and received my license October 31st of 2019. I have been trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy.

I am now practicing Reflexology and Massage Therapy


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the therapeutic practice of applying pressure to reflex points on the feet/hands/ears with the hand, finger and thumb. The Zone Theory of Areas contends that an image of the body is reflected on the feet/hands/ears and other areas of the body. Stimulating these zone areas removes energy blockages and aids the body in promoting a more balanced homeostasis. Ultimately the body will heal itself more efficiently.

Although the exact origins of Reflexology are unknown, Egyptian hieroglyphics scrawled in a physician’s tomb circa 2,330 BC depict reflexology techniques being applied to people’s hands and feet. Similar pictorial histories exist in China, Japan and India. In 1917 Russian Dr. Vladimir Beterev, coined the term Reflexology” and stated that an organ experiences illness because it receives the wrong operating instructions from the brain. Furthermore, by interrupting the body’s misguided instructions, the Reflexologist prompts the body to behave properly by applying pressure to reflex points. To condition or train better behavior, one must regularly apply a series of interruption. Eventually Dr. Bekterev’s teachings spread to other physicians.

Ear, nose and throat specialist William Fitzgerald brought Reflexology to America. He acquired this ancient knowledge while studying in Europe and developed it into an independent system which he termed Zone Therapy. Zone Therapy is a system for organizing relationships between various parts of the body. There are 10 equal longitudinal zones running the length of the body from head to toe. Zone ten corresponds to the number of fingers/toes, each falling into a different zone. The zones are oriented from the center to the left and center to right sides of the body so the great toe and thumbs align with the middle of the body or zone one where the spine is located. Zones two through five advances toward the outer edge of the body.

Similarly, physiotherapist Eunice Ingham advanced Reflexology Therapy by applying Zone Therapy to the foot. Additionally, she began an intense mapping of the feet by working specific areas of the feet that reflected part of the body. Consequently, the patients experienced noticeable improvement of the ailment.

Accordingly, Edwin Bowers MD, states “This pressure therapy has an advantage over any other methods of pain relief in as much as it has been proven that in contradistinction to opiates (drugs), when reflex pressure relieves pain it likewise tends to remove the cause of the pain.”


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